Our Services

Welcome to Verlis Care Provider, where your loved one will receive the best care in the comfort of their home! Our tried and true services are proven to make a living difference in the lives of our elderly clients, enabling them to fully enjoy their golden years with dignity and respect.
We understand that it can be difficult to entrust your beloved relative or friend to outsiders, so we prioritize integrated patient-centered care tailored to each individual’s needs. You can be assured that our customizable programs cover everything from preparing daily care plans and medical assistance to companionship and light housekeeping. We also pay attention to details, such as reminding our patients about medication and transfers and helping them remain active and mobile.

Prepare care plan

At Verlis Care Provider, we create personalized care plans for our clients and their families. This ensures that the elderly person will receive the appropriate treatment to meet his or her needs. The care plan typically includes details such as medication management, meal preparation, light housekeeping duties, social activities, transportation services, and more.

Access medical needs

We also help manage our clients’ medical needs. Our experienced and qualified staff are trained in senior medical care, which includes assisting with doctor's appointments and treatments, monitoring for changes in health status, managing chronic conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes, and helping to ensure that all medications are taken correctly.

Assist with basic daily needs

On top of providing medical assistance, we also help with basic daily needs such as helping our clients to maintain personal hygiene and grooming routines, preparing meals and snacks, helping with laundry, and light housekeeping duties.


In addition to providing physical and medical assistance, we also strive to provide companionship for our clients. Our staff will engage in conversations on topics of interest, listen intently, play games and activities, join them in social outings, and help them stay connected with friends and family members.

Light housekeeping

Our staff can also assist with light housekeeping duties and other tasks such as running errands, reading to them, or accompanying them on walks. This helps our elderly clients stay safe and independent in their home environment.

Prepare meals and feeding

Our staff will assist with meal preparation, shopping for groceries and other necessities, as well as taking clients out for meals. We understand that nutritious meals are important for seniors to remain healthy, so we strive to ensure that our elderly clients have the nourishment they need. Additionally, we can help with feeding if needed.

Reporting and monitor vital signs

We also provide a range of healthcare services, including vital sign monitoring. Our team is trained to check for signs of illness and injury and will report this information to the proper authorities if needed. This allows us to ensure that our elderly clients are always in good health and safe.

Reminding medication

We understand that elderly individuals often need help with managing their medications. Our team is trained to keep track of what medications are taken and when in order to ensure that our elderly clients stay healthy. We can also remind them when it’s time for the next dosage if needed.

Assist with transfer and help mobility

At times, elderly individuals may need help with transferring in and out of the car. Our team is trained to provide assistance with that so that our elderly clients can stay safe while they travel. We also offer extra help with mobility when needed.

Why Choose Us
Our goal is to ensure that all your needs are met but also exceeded. We are committed to provide an environment in which residents can enjoy a wide range of amenities that will allow them to feel independent.


The owners strive for quality and excellent service. They are easy to get in touch with and the communication is excellent. They provide me with quality overnight caregivers for my mom so I can rest.
John Doe
They take care of my wife and do anything else that I ask them to do. I can't even describe how much better they make my life. They give me the freedom to go out and do what I need to do. It is a wonderful match.
Mitali Ray
I am so grateful for the loving care my husband Michael received during his journey with cancer. The dedication, wisdom and professionalism of the care givers brought great comfort to him, to me and our whole family. They stayed by his side until the end.
sara tran